6 handy tips to take your look from ‘at work’ to ‘A Diva’s Night Out’, in a snap

We have all been there before, right ladies? We are at work and suddenly a last minute invite comes in, for a night out with our girl-squad. Yay! but wait, we can’t possibly go on a night out on town wearing our work outfit…. Gasp!
No worries, Divas! We got your back! We have gathered 6 useful tips to upgrade your look, in a snap:

1. Don’t Change Clothes, Add Accessories.

Add a few dangling bracelets or a pair of long earnings to your look. This will freshen your look up while upgrading it at the same time.

Our favourites: bracelets are from abeautifulstory.nl (added bonus – they are fair-trade and are made in Nepal). our favourite earrings are the chain drop labradorie and come from myuniquestyle.nl.


2. Amp up the makeup.

Upgrade the colour of your lipstick, add a few dabs of a shiny highlighter or add a bit of eyeliner to your look to upgrade your day-look to a nightly one (whether a gentle line or a fierce cat-eye, the difference is immediate).

Our favourites: M.A.C. ruby woo (they smell deliciously vanilla), Too Faced Peach Frost Melting powder highlighter (it’s infused with peach and sweet fig cream!) and Dior’s Crayon Eyeliner (it’s waterproof! woohoo!).

3. Change your shoes.

Don’t want to bring a whole wardrobe change? just bring an extra pair of high heels or a pair of Bootiez, which are sleeve-like accessories you can slip over any old shoe you are already wearing.

Our favourites: for an evening look is ‘Lace me up’ for a sexy look, or “Pearls are a girl’s best friends’ for a chicer look.

4. Change your hairdo.

This will affect your total look in no time. Simply pull up your hair into a a Messy Bun with Flyaways or a slicked and voluminous ponytail, if you wear your hair loose at work. If you had your hair up all day, let your hair down (figuratively and literally!) and simply add a few bobby pins or shiny mini-clips.

Our favourites: Claire’s Rose Gold Butterfly Pearl Snap Hair Clips, or H&M powder rose clips (they come in sets of 2!)


5. Take off your blazer and exchange it for a shawl or cape.

This is especially useful now that the colder days are upon us. wrap a bigger shawl around your shoulders or splurge on a basic cape, and you have instantly transformed your look.

Our favourite: the Black wollen shawl from 1001sjaals.nl (it has just enough sequins to make you feel special, and not enough to make you feel over-dressed!).


6. Put on a different perfume.

Don’t underestimate the difference a fragrance can make to your general feeling (and confidence!). know those little samples you get whenever you buy something at a department store or a boutique? just keep one in your work-drawer or your bag and spray it on just before you leave the office.

Our favourite evening fragrance is Poême Eau de Parfum.


In short, plan ahead, keep it simple and dare to shine,

‘cause you are a Diva -and you deserve it!

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