Bad Day….Or is it?

You know those days…? Those days in which everything seems to go wrong? Maybe nothing big, just an endless chain of mis-events? Or maybe it’s the other way around, like my day today?

Now, I know “My life is honey”, like they say back home. Meaning, everything is great, I’m surrounded by family and friends, everyone is healthy, I should be super thankful for what I have, yada yada yada…. and I am grateful. really, I am! yet.


Turning your frown upside down, is not always easy. But after the c@#!py day Stella had today, she is here to give you a little nudge the right way.

How to not only survive a bad day, but actually use it to your advantage

1. Seriously?

Make sure you are not misinterpreting anything. Before you let someone or something ruin your day, make sure there was no miscommunication or misunderstanding. You might find out that things aren’t as bad as they had first seemed. Or they might be worse, and then move straight to tip number 7.

2. Use the energy, to reset your goals

Bad energy doesn’t have to stay ‘bad’. Channel what you are feeling into practical doing, by re-examining your goals. If you haven’t considered your goals yet, it’s high time you do. Re-evaluate and get into action! I guarantee, it’s an instant game changer.

3. channel the bad energy into being creative

Like me, writing this blog. Right now. Research has shown that creativity & engaging in a creative process, release a chemical in our brains that has a calming effect. So go, create!


Ask yourself whether you are a quitter. If the answer is a ‘no’, shake it off & move on.

5. Look Within / Maybe. Someday 

Ask yourself why this one thing, person or comment managed to rock your boat the way it had. Don’t go all Dr.Phill on yourself, but a little introspective can’t hurt. Try to take a real look in the mirror, be honest with yourself and see what this event triggered & why. Once you figure out what it was, add it to the list of things you want to work on (Maybe. Someday).


6. Use the damage to your advantage

Try to make the best our of a cr@#*y situation. Is there a vantage point? Find it and use it to your advantage. No one said you had to roll over and die. Just remember to be as respectful to others as you would like them to be. Rules to live by.

7. Tequila

Don’t forget the time goes by, and seems to heal most wounds. So make a hot cup of cocoa, snuggle up on the couch or go dance with your bestie. I promise, this too, shall pass (and if it doesn’t – there’s more tequila in the cupboard).


Remember – not everyone has to like you. But everyone should respect you. ‘cause you deserve it.

Now, go. Kick-ass! 

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