New Year’s resolutions in February? Hell, yeah!

The New Year is already upon us, and resolutions for the new year are bound to get us thinking. and please do not pretend like you are all done with setting those goals for 2018, cause my own private research tells me that most of you don’t 

I am here today to help you set those goal. One of my favourite psychology models, describes the Present Situation, the Desired Situation, and how to make sense of the road, the steps, between them.

Stella is here today to be your private tour-guide on your PS to DS road map.

There are plenty of blogs out there with ideas on types of resolutions, and “resolution lists” for us to choose from. But I could not find a really good one on how to make them.  your own individual one’s, I mean. from scratch.

How to come up with good, empowering, individual goals? Worry not, Stella is here for the rescue! I will help you make a list of individual self thought-of goals that will make your year go boom, rather than using a pre-fab list written by someone you don’t even know.

Some of these tips will make you go ‘DUUUUUUH‘, but don’t be quick to judge. Sometimes, the most simple solutions are right in front of our noses…. so, think about it for a moment and see how you can apply it to your personal road map. Ready?


Evaluate the last year & draw conclusions that you can turn into a goal for the coming year.

for example: I looked back at my own year and realised I forgot to have fun. no, seriously! and I miss fun! my goal: – this year I will make time for some fun in my life (read on to see how you can turn that into a practical goal, instead of just a slogan).

Set your goals just right (not too high, not too low). push yourself, but not too much. The trick is to set the bar just right, which is easier said than done.

For example: I will plan to meet up with my girl-squad at least once every two weeks (instead of saying – I will go out every Thursday, which is setting me up to fail, since I know that isn’t realistic).


 Take your time. 

The fact that the first weeks of the year are almost over doesn’t mean you can’t take your time. Don’t rush yourself.

Be realistic. 

If you have never been especially good at languages, setting your goals on learning 3 new ones this year, might be a bit of a stretch. Be realistic when setting your goals, you will have a greater chance of fulfilling them. don’t set yourself up for a disappointment,

Be Bold.

That being said dare to dream big. If you have always wanted to play the trompet, go for it!

Be creative. 

Think outside the box, don’t go for the usual goals that you keep hearing everywhere. Don’t go for last years goals, go outside your comfort zone, and think creatively.

Make it concrete.

When formulating your goals, don’t go for the usual “I will start working out“, or “I will loose 5 kg“. Try, instead, to be concrete and go for “I will call 3 gyms this week, and choose one to sign up to“, and “Half of my plate every evening is going to be vegetables, this coming month”. The concreter you get, the easier you will make it for yourself to succeed! BOOM.

Build on.

Since I believe it is about the process, rather than the final product, I think it is smart to add on to a process that you have already started. You don’t have to reinvent yourself anew, is what I am trying to say.

for example: if you have already started eating more vegetables at dinner than you used to, build on that and say ” I will try a new vegetable once a week”. Adding on to an already established habit, will help the new habit grow roots.

Share with your besties. 

You will need support in realising your dreams this year, so be honest with the people around you that might be supportive.


Don’t just re-write last years goals.

Don’t try to become a “new” you. Just try to become a better version of the old you.

Don’t be too judjmental with yourself.

Don’t worry too much about what other people think or expect. These commitments are to yourself, and no one else. 

Don’t be anxious about this process. trust yourself & your choices. Making goals and going for them will make you feel stronger! 

creative ideas to help you get going:


I love working with moodboards. I don’t know if the cutting out of pictures calms me down or whether I am just the crazy lady with the glue gun, but if it works-it works! so, make a mood board of what you would like this year to look like for you. it is inspiring, believe me!


Buy a super cute little notebook and just write stuff down. What works? what doesn’t? where are you struggling? You might experience some ‘AHA-moments’ when identifying certain patterns and putting them on paper.

Sing in the shower

’cause it’s fun. and no one can hear you anyway.


The most important thing, at least to me, is keeping your confidence. Love yourself, no matter what, and the rest will will fall into place. Improving certain sides of yourself is not always easy, it’s a process. But, approached positively, with intent, will bring out the best of you and will make you appreciate yourself more.

Remember, you don’t need a ‘new you! you just want to give yourself a little make-over….

Good luck! Let me know how it goes…? 

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