Raindrops on Roses

I know, I know, you are all humming Julie Andrews by now. Seize the humming for just a minute, ‘cause today Stella wants to talk to you about things that make her happy. But not in a raindrops on roses kinda’ way.  

I was wondering what made you ladies happy. So I asked this question in a group of almost 14,000 women. The answers were varied & creative enough to make me want to take a few days off myself. One woman dreamily wrote:”If I can just spoil myself (only) with no selfishness, budget or time limitations, what I’d want right now would be an uninterrupted game of thrones marathon while wearing a wool onesie, being completely offline and getting regular sushi home deliveries every 4 hours“. I hear ya’, Sister! 

Whether a shopping spree, a lavish dinner, cocktails with a friend, a message or travel abroad – they all had one thing in common. It all came down to one thing: Me time.

What is ‘me time‘? 

‘Me time’ is generally referred to as time spent relaxing on one’s own as opposed to working or doing things for others. Mostly ‘Me Time’ is seen as an opportunity to reduce stress & restore positive energy.

‘Me time’ is important because it lets you take a break. Whether you are a hectically wonderful mom, have a stressful job, or just have too much on your mind we all struggle with balancing our hectic lives.

I know, I know, guilt feelings are (almost) always involved: whether you are a spending too much money or time off – We tend to feel guilty. But why? Aren’t we allowed some ‘me time’? Some pampering and spoiling? Stella thinks we do! But it’s not always easy, right?

Worry not! just in case you feel a bit of ‘me-time’ is in order, but don’t know whiskers from blue satin sashes (see what I did there?) I have put together a list of ‘me-time’-hot spots, right here, in Amsterdam.
Now all you have to do is call your Bosses & tell them you are taking a day off!

  Coffee & something yummy

  • In for a lavish breakfast of pancakes? or maybe just a really good cup of coffee? head on to the breakfast-club! With several locations around Amsterdam, you are sure to find your perfect spot!
  • Another trendy hot-spot is Teds on the Bosboom Toussaintstraat. What’s super cool about Ted’s is not only the friendly service and trendy interior, but the fact that they serve an all-day breakfast & brunch. My favourite – Eggs Benedict & a generous portion of their banana pancakes. Did I mention Yum already?


At Koanfloat you can get lovely massages (all varieties!) but you could also let yourself drift weightlessly in a warm egg-shaped koan and forget about all your troubles.


Whether you are in for a pedicure, a manicure or even a spray-tan, the gals at T-Tans will spoil you rotten. The cosy yet trendy interieur and the super friendly staff make this my favourite place to pamper myself!


  • Check out this super cute little store, on the Jan Pieter Heijestraat, in Amsterdam oud-west. It’s called Gesponnen Suiker and has a variety of clothes & accessories that are trendy, colourful and affordable.
  • Who’s that Girl, on the 9-straatjes is a super trendy & funky store where you can find a variety of clothes. one of their mottos is “Cause it’s all about the attitude, baby. That, and a killer dress”. need I say more?
  • now, I know this next one might be a tad random on this list, but you must check out LegInc on the Bliderdijkstraat. The two super nice ladies that are behind this cute brand actually work from a little atelier behind the store. They make a huge variety of leggings of all kinds, which they hand make themselves in their atelier. They will measure & fit you with the right size that best compliments your shape. Even if you put the Gezelligheid of the experience at the shop aside, they simply have awesome leggings! 

  Lunch & dinner

Hummus Bistro D&A

Wow. Whether for lunch or for dinner – Wow on the food, the decor, the service – everything is just wow! An enormous variety of delicious dishes, and super gezellige atmosphere. Stella’s favourite dish: Roasted Eggplant with tahini, pine-nuts & pomegranate seeds!


  • You can find Mr.Porter in the centre of Amsterdam, on the Spuitstraat. This super chic restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, dinner & drinks. It is classy and most importantly – super yummy! Even though it is on the expensive side, it is well worth your while for an evening out.
  • You would never think to go into this gem of a place, Sawadeeka, on the Overtoom. But, man, you would miss out! Delicious Thai dishes in an authentic atmosphere will definitely make your evening a hit.

So ladies, Whether you go for a Spa day or a good dinner with a friend, just remember to take some time off for you. You not only deserve it, you need it!

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