So, what are Bootiez?

Bootiez are NOT boots, just in case you were wondering.

Bootiez are sleeve-like accessories that you can pull over your shoe, whether you are wearing a high-heel, a low boot, pumps or even sneakers.

  • Want to only buy one pair of Boots, but give it a different look everyday? Bootiez is the answer!
  • Have you never been able to fit into a high boot (so frustrating!)? Bootiez is the answer (‘cause you can just slip it over your ankle boot en voilá! you just transformed it into a high boot!)
  • Are you tired of the same old shoe and wardrobe combi? Slip on the Bootiez that fit your mood today and you are ready to go…
  • Are you going out tonight, after office hours, and you don’t feel like taking a change of clothes with you? Just take a pair of Bootiez (and maybe a different color lipstick?) and your evening look is ready!
  • There is no ‘right’ way to wear a pair of Bootiez and there certainly isn’t a ‘wrong’ way. Wear them high or low, with leggings, skinny jeans or a dress. anything goes!

Bootiez were invented by us (yes, we are the first!) to enable you to let your creativity and uniqueness shine through, so shine away, lovely lady!


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