strong, powerful women

Today I would like to talk to you about strong, powerful women. Why? Because I love them. I admire them, I want to be one. Don’t you?

To me, being strong means empowering myself to go after my dreams & my goals.

We all have our course, our path and sometimes even an idea about how to get there. But we could all use a bit of a helping hand and some inspiration.

In the coming weeks I will interview several strong, powerful women about their lives, their goals & their dreams. I am hoping they inspire you tp create your own path, and follow it. 

But first, here are a few tips I put together for you:

  • Being strong isn’t something you do, it’s something you are. figure out which qualities you have that could strengthen en empower you. Then utilise them!
  • Dare to break away from old beliefs that might be restricting you. Sometimes things we learned in the past hold us back. But if we are brave enough to reconsider our belief systems (mainly, what we think about ourselves, or what we think is ‘the right way’) – we could feel empowered to reach our full potential.
  • Failure Is an Inevitable Part of Life – yep. It’s part of the experience. Shit happens. Collect yourself and move on.
  • Be you – Trying to be someone you are not, will not work long term. Just be you, with everything that entails.
  • Set your own course- Think, plan, consult with others, strategise but most importantly, set the right course for yourself.
  • Don’t compare yourself with other women – having role models & being inspired by someone else is great, but make sure you stay you!
  • Be assertive & learn to stand up for yourself.

My first interview was with Yasmine.

Interview Yasmine

This concludes my first interview in this series about strong, powerful women.

Stay tuned, next week there will be an interview with Blogger XXX.

In the meantime, work on becoming a strong, powerful woman yourself…

Let me know how it goes…? 


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